How can I link my MyPLAYER Account? Any users with a valid NBA 2K13 or updated NBA 2K12 account can link. You have to have purchased NBA 2K13 and entered your 2K12 account for the older account to work properly.

Where can I find my MyPLAYER Account name? A user’s MyPLAYER account is set up at console entry. It will default to your gamertag, PSN ID, or Nintendo Network ID so we recommend trying those names. If you are still experiencing issues, you can find your Account name on the console by selecting MyPLAYER from the Main Menu and then EDIT MyPLAYER ACCOUNT. Your MyPLAYER name is the first entry on the page.

I am still having issues, what else can I try? If your MyPLAYER is not currently connected to Facebook, typing in your MyPLAYER account in NBA 2K MyLIFE will generate an email to complete this connection. You can also try visiting www.nba2k.com and log in to link your account to Facebook.

• I have a valid MyPLAYER account but not a MyCAREER can I still connect? We currently require users to have at least 1 MyCAREER save to link to NBA 2K MyLIFE.

I am earning VC and awards but I don’t always see the balance updated. MyPLAYER accounts can be temporarily locked due to recent console activity or server disruption. We always will queue your awards and send another request to the servers at your next log-in.

Is there a limit on my console rewards per day? Yes, we do have a cap of 1000 VC earnings and 36,000 Fans every 24 hours. However, we will continue to accrue VC and Fans and will send any remaining balances within the next timeframe.

How can I earn VC? You will immediately earn 500 VC as a one-time bonus for linking your games. You can earn a quick 100 VC once per day by playing Tip-Off. You also will be awarded VC throughout the game by leveling up your excitement meter and at the end of a 6 hour event.

What else can I earn in the game for NBA 2K13? You will unlock an exclusive clothing package at first connection. You also can earn Fans, an exclusive Dunk Package, and 43 Blacktop Players so far!

Why is it hard to click on people? Please look to see if you are running two versions of the game. If not try resetting your browser. Typically we see performance issues when the game is running in multiple tabs or windows.

Why can’t I see my latest MyCAREER save information/ I have the wrong save information loading? In MyCAREER there are two modes. Online and offline. If you are earning SP and not VC in NBA 2K13, you are in offline mode. You will need to create a new MyPLAYER account in online mode to earn Fans and other career specific rewards. Playing in offline mode will not affect your VC earnings, Dunk Package, or Blacktop Players. It will display the last information saved to the cloud so it may not be accurate. Fans will continue to total in Facebook if this account is active but they will not transfer back into your offline account.

Can I get my MyCAREER back online? No, a prompt in console will warn you if you choose to play in offline mode it is not possible to revert back to online.

Can I connect without a MyCAREER save? No, not at this time. If you receive a connection error, make sure you have a valid MyCAREER save file and try again.

Monetization FAQ for NBA 2K MyLIFE

I thought NBA 2K MyLIFE was free to play? NBA 2K MyLIFE is free to play! Players aren’t required to spend any money to play unless they choose to get items to enhance their estate, or speed up the time duration on gameplay. We want the game to be balanced and interactive in a way that accommodates different play styles and strategies.

• What is Bank? Bank is our premium game currency. You can use them for things like:
1. Getting limited edition buildings or decorations for your estate
2. Expediting your points and awards from endorsements
3. Using gifts to increase relationship status

• Is there a limit on how much Bank I can spend? Players can use as much Bank and Cash as they'd like on making their estate appearance and friendships the envy of the world.

• What’s the difference between Cash and Bank? Each of these are different types of game currency used to access or unlock various items in NBA 2K MyLIFE.
1. Bank is accessed using real-world currency, and can be used for getting limited gameplay items and expediting time upgrades and rewards.
2. Cash is used to get items in the store and to customize your player.

• Can I sell or give Bank or Cash to other players? No, you cannot sell, trade, gift, or exchange Bank or Cash with other players.

• How do I get Bank? Click the plus sign icon next to your Bank total. This will take you to the shopping system, powered by Live Gamer.

• Which payment methods can I use? We have partnered with Live Gamer to manage transactions and accounts relating to purchases. At this time Live Gamer accepts payment by Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Pay Pal and Mobile Phone. For more information on Live Gamer, refer to the links below.

Additional info:

For issues regarding purchases of Bank and Cash
Support site and knowledgebase:  http://2knbasupport.livegamer.com
Live Gamer Terms of Service: http://www.livegamer.com/terms_service.pdf
Live Gamer Privacy Policy: http://www.livegamer.com/privacy_policy.pdf

For issues regarding use of Bank or Cash
Support at http://support.2k.com/anonymous_requests/new
NBA 2K MyLIFE Terms of Service: http://www.2ksports.com/nba2kmylifeterms/
NBA 2K MyLIFE Privacy Policy: http://www.2ksports.com/privacyintl/privacy_en.html

Game Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/NBA2KMyLIFEFanPage